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It is imperative for enterprises to develop industrial transfer and structural adjustment

Author:广州市龙轩门业有限公司 Click: Time:2019-08-03 14:00:09

The development of wooden door industry for many years has shown the characteristics of "big mixed and small concentrated", mainly concentrated in the Northeast, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Southwest, Northwest, Beijing, Tianjin, Tang and other regions. These wooden door industrial clusters are characterized by fewer large enterprises, more small and medium-sized enterprises, single product structure, serious homogeneity, and weak market risk resistance. So for a large number of small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises, how to survive in the adverse market and seek development into the current focus of thinking.

Adjustment of product structure

Whether product or brand promotion, whether channel change or profit model should be adjusted from the structure. The head of Benmu Wood Industry pointed out that if the enterprise only sticks to the present development mode, in the long run, the final result of the wooden door industry is that large enterprises are difficult to strengthen, small enterprises are difficult to grow, everyone can only eat but not make money.

Relevant data show that the rising price of wood door base material, together with the basic costs of enterprise management, marketing and employee wages, increases the average cost of production of wood door enterprises by 12%-15%. Many enterprises producing low-cost wood doors are difficult to maintain their livelihoods. The person in charge of Benmu Wood Industry further analyzed that the main reason for this is that the product structure is single, the difference is not big, the production capacity is seriously excessive, and the contradiction between supply and demand is inverted.

Adjusting Brand Values

In theory, brand packaging needs the help of the media's dissemination, but from the perspective of product sales, it is a misunderstanding of shaping brand connotation to call selling products by star halo as brand packaging. Reflecting on the situation at that time, the vast majority of enterprises only choose the plane image endorsement from the economic point of view when employing the star endorsement brand. The result is that overnight, the building materials market in the north and south of China is full of star avatars shaking, creating momentum for sales, but little is involved in corporate culture and brand connotation. Practice has proved that this brand value is like a mirage, not long ago.

In today's relatively developed market economy, brand value far outweighs product value. An enterprise with high-quality products must also have good brand to rely on. The product is tangible, but the brand value is intangible, and the added value of the product is high when the brand value is high. While paying attention to advertising, consumers attach more importance to the cultural connotation of enterprises, services full of humanistic care and products with good quality and low price.

Adjusting Marketing Ideas

Nowadays, the concept of consumers has changed fundamentally. Big brands, good brands and products with appropriate prices are the objects they pay attention to and consume. Price positioning of products should follow the market rules. Starting from market demand, it may be easier for consumers to accept and recognize good brand price rather than high price.


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