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Current Situation and Significance of Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Application of ……

Author:广州市龙轩门业有限公司 Click: Time:2019-08-03 14:01:03

Economic development not only brings about the prosperity of the country, but also causes a series of environmental problems. As a rapidly developing security industry, it is no exception. So for the access control identification system, which is one of the important components of security products, what is the application status of energy saving and environmental protection?

Access control system, also known as access control system (ACCESSCONTROL SYSTEM), is an intelligent management system for managers'access. It can be summarized as: managing who can enter and exit those doors at any time, and providing after-the-fact inquiry reports, etc. Common access control systems include password access control system, contact card access control system, non-contact card access control system, biometric identification (fingerprint iris palm type) access control system, etc. At present, two kinds of access control identification systems are widely used: contact card and non-contact card access control system. Contact cards require the cardholder to contact the access card with the identifier in order to read the information in the card; the access card of the non-contact card access control system can recognize and record the information within a short distance from the access card. These two mainstream access control identification systems can be said to have high recognition, high accuracy, small size and easy to carry. Bank card and bus card are extension applications of access control identification card, and their scope of application has penetrated into all aspects of life. Through random interviews, the author found that two-thirds of the citizens have at least two access cards, bank cards and one-card bus cards, and many of them hold more than three cards. Considering from the point of view of energy saving and environmental protection, China has a population of 100 million, and the amount of access cards is considerable, so the amount of all kinds of access cards issued is incalculable. Therefore, the author considers that if we vigorously promote multi-card in one card, not only can it be easy to carry and use, but also can greatly reduce the number of other cards issued. To a certain extent, this is alleviating the waste of card resources, and also in line with the concept of energy saving and environmental protection.

In recent years, with the continuous development of biometric technology, access control system has also made new progress. After the maturity of biometric technology, there will be more and more biometric access control systems, including fingerprint access control system, iris access control system, face recognition access control system and so on. They not only have their own advantages in safety, convenience and easy management, but also are more in line with the general trend of energy saving and environmental protection. Biometric recognition makes it possible to identify successfully without holding several access cards in hand. It can reduce the production of access cards by contacting with face, eye iris or fingerprint identifier or scanning in close range. But is biometrics perfect? It is understood that biometrics has high requirements for the environment and users. For example, fingerprints can not be scratched, eyes can not appear red, swollen and bleeding, face can not be injured, and even the number of beards will affect the accuracy and sensitivity of the recognizer. At the same time, the installation height and user height are not easy to adjust.

It can be said that if biometric identification becomes the mainstream access control identification system, its energy-saving and environmental protection significance will be much greater than the value brought by this technology itself. Therefore, the popularization of biometric access control system has important significance for energy-saving and environmental protection in security industry. However, how to make biometric energy-saving advantages and traditions? The combination of the advantages of access cards is the problem that security enterprises need to think deeply. In my opinion, the popularization of biometric access control system can not be achieved without technological progress and national support. Through the support of state support funds, technology costs can be reduced, so as to vigorously promote technology integration and product promotion.


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