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The idea of "big house" in wooden door industry is quietly in vogue

Author:广州市龙轩门业有限公司 Click: Time:2019-08-03 14:02:11

China's household industry has been developing for 30 years. During this period, consumer behavior has also changed, from the initial pursuit of living to the enjoyment of life, and the demand for household has been upgraded from single to diverse, personality, taste and enjoyment. People's color has become more prominent. Some people define this period as the era of life style.

We see that in today's consumer behavior has undergone profound changes, many household enterprises are also achieving self-upgrading and evolution, and the concept of'Big house'is quietly popular. The intuitive understanding of'Big house'is that it is big and complete, where consumers can achieve all the needs of home life. It is also for this purpose that we see that the concept of'cross-border, alliance, subdivision, product chain extension...'has also become the development ideas and Strategies of many household enterprises.

Then, how to turn the development of the ecological chain of residential industry into an operational enterprise development strategy and plan? The author interviewed Chen Weinong, chairman of Forestry and Forest Gate, general manager of TATA Mumen Shijiazhuang Branch.

Chen Weinong, Chairman of Forestry and Tree Gate: The integration of household production has been formed.

At present, consumer behavior has changed from the single choice of durability of consumer products in the past to the pursuit of consumer product design, personalized color, environmental protection index, functional performance, brand culture and service concept.

The development of household enterprises must conform to the era of lifestyle, adjust the industrial structure in time, intensify the research and development of new products, further enhance the overall brand image and enhance the market appeal of products. In view of the change of market consumption pattern, our company is actively studying the upgrading of product structure, and at the same time increasing market service and improving service content. I think service will be the most fundamental focus of future enterprises.

We can see that many household enterprises are also achieving self-upgrading and evolution, taking the'Big house'development route. The first feeling of'everybody's Residence'is the integration of household production, and this concept has quietly formed in many of our wooden door enterprises. At the same time, I also think it is an inevitable trend to help our enterprises further develop in depth. It is beyond reproach, and it is also an important manifestation of the diversification of brand products. However, as our enterprise, in the process of adapting to this trend, we must combine our own characteristics, our own conditions, select a reasonable way to adapt to the development trend of'Big house'.

Yu Yong, General Manager of TATA Mumen Shijiazhuang Branch: Daju'Is actually a strong combination of brands.

The Post-70s and post-80s have been standing in the mainstream of the consumer market, especially the post-80s group, who are the generation that pays attention to highlighting their personality, and pay more attention to their feelings in terms of home. In terms of consumption, more attention should be paid to product quality, after-sales, especially environmental protection. Cost-performance ratio will be the most important consideration in the current consumer market.

In view of the changes in consumer behavior and the arrival of the era of lifestyle, as an enterprise, it is necessary to penetrate its product image into the hearts of the people. Brand marketing is the mainstream trend in the world. The premise is to do a good job in product quality and after-sales service. In addition, the development of the network has entered millions of households, enterprises should pay attention to their own publicity on the network.

In my opinion,'Big House'is actually a kind of strong alliance among brands, using the advantages of different brands to attract more customers. On the one hand, customers can get more preferential treatment and save more time. On the other hand, enterprises can learn from each other's popularity and promote their own sales. I think this is for enterprises. For industry and consumers, it is a win-win situation.

We have done a lot in brand alliance, our brand alliance has been recognized by many consumers in Shijiazhuang, we will continue to work hard to make consumers get more benefits.

2010 is a crucial year for TATA. The global economic crisis has also affected China's consumer market in this year. Inflation has also been clearly exposed. However, the national TATA is united, Shijiazhuang TATA has also maintained a good state of growth with the efforts of all the employees of the company, and sales have also increased significantly.


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