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Choice of colour for wooden doors

Author:广州市龙轩门业有限公司 Click: Time:2019-08-03 14:09:24

The main two elements of room design are space division and atmosphere creation. The means of atmosphere creation are body, color, light and texture. These four elements are mainly reflected in the design of the elevation of the living room. As an important part of the elevation, the wooden door plays an indispensable role in completing the ideal atmosphere of the living room.

The use of Chinese classical symbols in modern living room design is becoming less and less (such as color paintings, leaky windows, wishful, algae wells), while European classics are still widely used in the interior. At present, most of the wooden doors on the market have such symbols.

With the development of the times, the change of interior design style and the change of people's aesthetics, the style of wooden doors must also change accordingly. The aesthetic forms such as modern composition and metal sense will certainly become a trend. The modern aesthetic forms are mostly gradual change, specificity, sequence, super-long proportion and so on. The comparison of metal sense is as follows: Metal inlay is added to the wooden door to achieve the effect of texture contrast. These two aesthetic forms are aestheticism, aestheticism, aestheticism, simplicity, simplicity and simplicity.

In terms of color, non-neutral colors such as mixed oil and black walnut will still dominate the market in the next few years, and some people will accept the highly affinity of purple camphor and cherry wood.

In the selection of wooden doors, first of all, you should choose the style and color that you want to harmonize with your living style, and at the same time, you should consider its sustainable aesthetic feeling. If you can't change the door for a short time after decoration, you'll lose it.

On the Choice of Color for Wood Doors

Because the wooden door belongs to the functional decoration of the elevation of the living room, generally speaking, the wooden door has a great relationship with furniture, wall paint and window sleeve dumbness in the home. The connection with floor is relatively small.

When the living environment is warm tone, relative wooden doors can choose a warmer color system, such as: sassafras, cherry wood, teak, Shabili and so on. When the living environment is cold tone, relatively shallow wooden doors should be selected, such as mixed white, birch and so on.

Wooden doors should be similar to the color of furniture, should be as consistent as possible with the dumb window cover (many of the existing suit doors have matching dumb window cover, kickboard, corner guard line), and have corresponding contrast with wall color. For example, the use of mixed white wood doors is best to let the wall paint with color. Only in this way can the room have a sense of hierarchy, not too "flat" will also make the room feel particularly fresh.

The color of the ground and the coordination of wooden doors should maintain the same color (such as cold and warm), but it is better not to be consistent. Prevent the chaos between the ground and the wall, and weaken the sense of room space.

Big, or sunny room, you can choose a deeper black walnut, can create a more stable atmosphere effect color itself is beautiful, there is no right or wrong. All in coordination, if you are really unsure, choose white, white is the most error-prone color!


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